Acute Kidney Injury Update July 2016


Author: Dr Charles Heatley and Dr Richard Fluck

Date to Review: December 2019 (Temp)

Guidance Description

From April 2016 onwards many pathology labs will, for the first time, be sending AKI warning stage test results directly to general practices, following requests for serum creatinine blood tests.The Sheffield Kidney Institute has developed a brief guideline on how to assess these reports and manage patients with AKI: AKI primary care guidelines

This may be a new concept to both you and your team and so Think Kidneys (the NHS national programme to improve the care of people at risk of, or with, acute kidney injury) has also produced a set of resources for primary care to help inform you about AKI, the new test result and what to do. These resources can be found at;

or by clicking on the links below (top three in the list likely to answer your queries most easily)

We hope that these resources are useful to support you and your team in your practice when dealing with these results in a timely and appropriate way.

These resources have been developed with the support of many professionals in primary care but we are always happy to have feedback. You can do so by emailing

AKI Primary Care Guidelines