Vitamin D

Author: Kirsty Burdett, Clinical Practice Pharmacist, NHS Sheffield CCG

Published Date: January 2022

Date to Review: 2020 - 2026 (various see below)


Extension of date has been given due to CCG agreement that guidelines now have an automatic 5 years review date. For confirmation of this please contact Heidi Taylor, Deputy Medicines Optimisation Pharmacist

Vitamin D for adults:

1. Vitamin D guidance for Adults (Review Date: August 2023)

2. Vitamin D algorithm for adults (Review Date: August 2023)

3. Advice on Vitamin D Requesting in Adults (Review Date: February 2023)

Pregnancy and breastfeeding:

4. Vitamin D guidance in pregnancy (Review Date: October 2021)

5. Vitamin D Pregnancy algorithm (Review Date: October 2021)

Vitamin D for children:

6. Vitamin D guidance for children (Review Date: May 2020)

7. Vitamin D algorithm for children (Review Date: May 2020)

Information for clinicians/patients:

8. Vitamin D Easy read leaflet (Review Date: September 2022)

Easy read Arabic leaflet

Easy read Punjabi leaflet

Easy read Slovak leaflet

Easy read Somali leaflet

Easy read Urdu leaflet

9. Vitamin D A4 leaflet (Review Date: September 2022)

10. Vitamin D Pregnancy leaflet (Review Date: October 2021)

11. Vitamin D – Sheffield Extended Healthy Start Scheme (Review Date: Feb 2026)

An option for patients to translate the information on vitamin D can be found here