COVID-19 Cancer Clinical Guidance and Resources

Author: Louise Metcalfe, Macmillan Primary Care Lead Nurse for Cancer,

Date Published: April 2020

Below is a range of information specifically in relation to Cancer and COVID-19 for your reference which we aim to keep up to date as new information is made available. The information may also be duplicated in other bulletins you receive directly.


A range of information is available from:-

NHS England & NHS Information for clinicians in Primary Care on Coronavirus with specific information on Cancer:

o COVID 19 Summary of Guidance for Cancer - General (documents available for download below)

o Cancer and Coronavirus - this link provides links to specific cancer guidance:-

o Acute treatment cancer specialty guide

o Proton beam therapy management of referrals

o Essential Cancer surgery and coronavirus

o Endoscopy and coronavirus speciality guide

o Colorectal Cancer – Clinical Guide for Triaging Patients (document available for download below)

o Clinical guide for triaging patients with lower gastrointestinal symptoms

o NHSE second phase of nhs response to covid-19 (cancer guidance available on page 6)

Cervical Screening Programme: (documents available for download below)

o Colposcopy initial guidance during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic V1.0

o National Cervical Screening Programme Operational Guidance - Invitation and Reminder Letter Intervals

o Sample taking – initial guidance during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic


o Radiotherapy delivery - rapid guideline NG162


o Tumour Site Pathway Changes (document available for download below)

SY&B ICS Cancer Alliance: (documents available for download below)

o FIT and high risk 2ww update

o Lower GI High Risk 2WW referral pathway - primary care

o Referrals Management guidance during COVID-19

o FAQ Cancer advice for GPs re COVID-19

o Suspected or Diagnosed Cancer – summary guidance for GPs

o How to Access the Professionals area


· Cancer Treatment – Key Messages for Stakeholders v2 – document attached below

· Latest guidance from Macmillan for people with cancer.

· Cancer Support Services Covid-19 – document available for download below

· Macmillan’s Offer - campaign presentation slides – document available for download below