SPARS - (Sheffield Physical Activity Referral Scheme)

Author: Rob Womack, SIV

Date published: January 2022

Date to review: March 2023

The Sheffield Physical Activity Referral Scheme, or SPARS is for people with health conditions who want to 'Move More'.

SPARS run an exercise referral program to help people start the process of incorporating more movement into their everyday life.

The exercise referral scheme is a 12-week program in which people can be referred if they have a stable medical condition.

There are various venues that cover the scheme throughout the city and include all council facilities

You may choose any ONE of the venues to embark on the scheme.

You can also self-refer to the scheme if you need some encouragement and motivation towards a healthier lifestyle.

More information can be found via:

Self Referral Form to SPARS is available via: