Alcohol Services

Author: Dr Olawale Lagundoye, Clinical Director, Sheffield Health & Social Care NHS FT

Published Date: April 2017

Date to Review: April 2018

Guidance Description: SEAP (Single Entry & Access Point) assess drinking habits and provide support, advice and information to anyone wanting to make changes to those drinking habits. They also provide advice and support to people affected by someone else’s drinking. Offering onward referral to appropriate services including for prescribed medication; packages of psychosocial interventions or ‘talking therapies’; community & inpatient detox; full needs assessment for access to residential rehabilitation and facilitated access to mutual aid and other recovery activities and opportunities.

Referral – self or professional. A SEAP assessment appointment will be offered within 7 days .

Tel: 0114 226 3000

Drug & Alcohol Referral Wheel (request hard copy from Fitzwilliam Centre on 0114 226 3000). Electronic version available at Alcohol Screening Tool website here: