COVID-19: Anticoagulant services

Author: Richard Crosby (Listed as responsble person)

Date Published: March 2023

Date to review: March 2024

Clinical guide for the management of anticoagulant services during the coronavirus pandemic

 NHS guidance is attached to inform practices with regard to ongoing management of patients who need anticoagulation. The guide gives advice on the following patient groups:

 • Obligatory inpatients: a small proportion of patients on anticoagulation will need acute inpatient care, e.g. due to major bleeding or stroke.

Patients requiring initiation of oral anticoagulation.

Patients already receiving warfarin who are not self-managing and are currently being managed in outpatient or community settings: aim to minimise attendances, where possible.

Patients already receiving direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) who should have appropriate primary care-based monitoring in place.