Smoking Cessation

Author:  Viky Mercer, Commissioning Manager, SY ICB

Date published: October 2023

Date to review: April 2027

Our approach to delivering the Sheffield Tobacco Control Strategy includes a mix of smokefree policy, services, action on illicit tobacco/age of sale, communication campaigns and harm reduction. These interventions impact on a range of environmental, social, economic, and behavioural factors that influence smoking behaviour and make it easier for smokers to stop and harder for children to start smoking. A multicomponent approach to tackling tobacco is required to meet the needs of the whole smoking population, not just to those who attend community Tobacco Dependence Treatment Services.

Our approach is underpinned by behavioural science models (COM-B and EAST)  to make it as easy as possible for people to quit their addiction for good. This includes creating more opportunities to quit, environments that make smokefree the norm and neighbourhoods that are not blighted by cheap and illicit tobacco, all of which can make it harder to break the addiction.