PCS CMDU Referral Form

Author: Cara Brazier, Head of PCAS, Primary Care Sheffield

Date Published: December 2023

Review Date: November 2024

Description:  The CMDU is designed to provide access to COVID-19 treatments for patients who are at the highest risk in the community.  There is more information on the available treatments at www.nhs.uk/CoronavirusTreatments.

Medicines can be considered for patients aged 16+ under adult services who have tested positive (via a lateral flow test) for coronavirus and meet the eligibility criteria. It is important to note that, to be effective, these treatments must be given soon (within 5 days) after a patient starts to show symptoms. Without a positive lateral flow test treatment cannot be offered.

Patients 16 or under with a paediatrician (including under 18’s still under paediatric care) will be treated by Sheffield Children’s Hospital via their paediatric specialist. They are not eligible for this service.

The CMDU is only for the most at-risk patients – who should already have been told about their eligibility by NHS England in early June 2023. Note that the eligibility is not the same as was agreed for ‘shielding’.