Autism Resources and Information

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Date published: June 2018 (reviewed March 2024)

Date to review: March 2026

National Autism Information and Guidance

Key Resource for GPs - Royal College of General Practitioners E-Learning

The Autism in General Practice course enables GPs to improve the care they and their practice provide for patients with autism and helps to understand the challenges that people with autism face on a daily basis.

RCNI (Royal College of Nursing) Autism Resource Centre

The Department of Health funded a series of online training resources and booklets to increase awareness and understanding of Autism across all public services.

Autism Poster

Essential Guide- Developing Specialist Skills in Autism Practice

Developed by Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Leadership

NICE Autism Guidelines and Resources

Considerable resources and guidelines from NICE, including interactive flowcharts for ASD, information for the public, clinical audit and service development guides.

Skills for Care and Skills for Health-Skills and Knowledge List

Developed to help improve awareness of autism and skills among workers in generic health and social care services. How has your team prepared/adapted the skills needed for working with people with Autism?

National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society website provides increased awareness and understanding of Autism. It also details some of the examples of autism awareness training that currently exist.