South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Commissioning for Outcomes Policy

Lead: Debbie Stovin, Commissioning Manager - Elective Care

Date published: December 2019

Date to review: December 2020

The South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw (SY&B) Commissioning for Outcomes Policy (CFO) was launched in Sheffield in October 2018. The aim of the policy was to ensure consistent referral guidance across the SY&B area based on a review of national evidence. The policy has subsequently been reviewed to incorporate the national Evidence Based Interventions (EBI) ‘statutory’ guidance, November 2018.

The revised policy brings Sheffield CCG in line with other SY&B CCGs in relation to musculoskeletal (MSK) procedures (apart from Hip and Knee replacements where Sheffield are excluded from the BMI restriction) and cataract surgery where previously Sheffield CCG deviated. Where it has not been possible to achieve a SY&B consensus and local variation remains this is highlighted within the policy.

The structured referral templates/ threshold forms have been updated to be completed during consultations and we would recommend clinicians to use. These are published on SystmOne and made available to practices using EMIS Web from 20th May 2019. The templates are also available for download below.

In addition to incorporating the EBI guidance, SY&B commissioners have reviewed, and where appropriate refreshed, the aspects of the policy not covered by the EBI guidance. This includes local evidence based interventions and fully incorporating the specialists plastics policies into the CFO policy.

The following additional procedures have been added to the specialist plastics policy:

· Correction of male pattern baldness (not routinely commissioned)

· Vaginoplasty and hymen reconstruction (not routinely commissioned)

· Surgical Repair of torn or split earlobes (not routinely commissioned).

The procedures which have a template are:

A revised referral template/checklist has been developed as part of the SYB Commissioning for Outcomes Policy which we would recommend clinicians to use during consultations. This template has been published on SystmOne and is also available using EMIS Web .

A Clinicians Guide has been produced to outline the Pathways for Interventions with the SY&B Commissioning for Outcomes Policy – see attached document below.

NHSE have created a number of products and resources to help health professionals, patients and the public understand the Evidence Based Interventions Programme and the interventions that are currently included in the guidance.