Hepatitis B Screening and Vaccination in Sheffield for Slovak Roma

Document Author: Ann Gregory (Nurse Practitioner)

Published Date: March 2014

Date to Review: September 2024

Description: This document is information for patients, please see below.


Due to a very high level of Hepatitis B infection within the Slovak Roma population, it is recommended that you start a vaccination course that will protect you and your children against this serious infection.

This vaccine is free to all adults and children, and is available at your registered doctors by booking an appointment with the practice nurse. The vaccination usually consists of 3-4 doses, and when completed will give over 95% protection against the Hepatitis B infection.

It is really important you complete the vaccine course if advised to by the practice nurse.

This vaccine is given in Slovakia as part of the routine child vaccine schedule.

The vaccine is given routinely to all babies born after the 1st August 2017. Those adults and children born in the UK before this date will not have had hepatitis B vaccine routinely.

In Sheffield, based on clinical evidence, we want to give all children and adults from Slovakia this vaccination, as it will offer protection from Hepatitis B infection.

It is also recommended you have a screening blood test either at the time or soon after the vaccination, this test will show whether you have the hepatitis B infection now or have had in the past. The test will also be able to show if you need to complete the vaccination course.

Depending on the age of your child, you may need to take them to the Sheffield Childrens Hospital to have the blood test done. The nurse will advise you where and when you can go, and also give you a blood form.

If you have any questions about this, please discuss with the practice nurse when you attend for the vaccination appointment.

You can also look at the following Sheffield website “hitsheffield.org“ for information about hepatitis B. There are also videos in both English and the Slovak language.


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