Opiates Service

Author: James Sutherland, Head of Commissioning, NHS Sheffield CCG

Published Date: April 2022

Date to Review: March 2023

Guidance Description: Opiates or opioids are the collective term used to describe drugs like heroin, morphine, opium, methadone and buprenorphine.

Prescription and over the counter medicines, such as codeine, dihydrocodeine and tramadol are also classed as opiates and opioids.

All opiates are highly addictive and you can develop a tolerance and dependence quickly. They can have huge impact on your life and the lives of those around you. The Opiates Service offers free support to anyone who is using opiate drugs who is over the age of 18 and lives in Sheffield.

They provide information, advice, support and treatment to help address your substance use.

More information is available via: https://www.shsc.nhs.uk/services/sheffield-treatment-and-recovery-team-start/opiates-service