COVID Oximetry at Home Monitoring

Author: Alastair Mew , Head of Commissioning- Urgent Care , CCG

Date Published: January 2021

Date to Review: April 2021

Description Details: A new national pathway was launched on 1st of December supporting patients in the community who have tested positive for COVID and who run the risk of not being aware that their oxygen saturation in their blood is dropping to a dangerous level. The national pathway enables patients to monitor their own oxygen levels and seek timely medical advice if needed (please see the assessment pathway) and by doing so potentially avoiding an extended length of hospital admission.

The new pathway supports patients who prior to their positive COVID test have normal saturation oxygen levels and who are either over 65 years of age or younger than 65 but who also have a co-morbidity that puts them at additional risk. This can be extended to include other patients based on the judgement of GP’s.

Please note the pathway is not to be used for patients who normally experience lower than normal saturation levels.