MSI UK Vasectomy Referral Pad

Author: James Marshall, Commissioning Manager, Elective Care, SY ICB Sheffield Place

Date Published: August 2023

Date to Review: September 2024

Descriptions: Accurate as of 04.09.2023

The only current provider of non-scalpel vasectomy in Sheffield that is accepting referrals is Marie Stopes International (MSI), who operate from Norfolk Park Medical Centre, 227 Park Grange Road, Sheffield, S2 3TA.

There are 3 referral routes to this service:

1. Referral via email directly to MSI using the MSI Vasectomy referral form available on practice clinical systems. The blank form is also available to download below and can be self-populated. 

2. Referral via eRS: Choosing speciality – Urology, Clinic Type – Vasectomy. 

3. Patient to self-refer by calling MSI direct on 0345 300 0212